Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Built Your Self

Built Your Self is a collection of 2D and 3D works exploring ideas around craft, creating and purposefulness in an environment increasingly influenced by technology. Randomly constructed narratives are built employing a mix of processes from crude hand made to computer aided design and fabrication.

Built Your Self embodies a strong DIY (do it yourself) ethic which is only commensurate with the artistic pursuits of exploring creative processes outside one’s own expertise, to experiment, explore, make mistakes and even fail.

Building your own self is a process over which you may at times have varying levels of control. The work seeks to explore the artist’s own mix of optimism and apprehension regarding the present and the future through subjects, materials and processes that reflect his own varied and at times juxtaposing interests.

Built Your Self
an exhibition of 2D and 3D work by
Cameron Eaton
22nd June to 5th August 2018

Roma on Bungil Gallery
Hawethorn St, Roma QLD 4455

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