Thursday, September 21, 2017

A New Direction for the Same Old Thoughts

I’ve started writing this blog post at least half a dozen times only to stall after the first paragraph. I feel this work deserves some explanation but I’m struggling with the words. I have the words but when I spell them out, it sounds like rubbish. I don’t have the words but they’re all contradictory and by describing it, they sound like rubbish. Is it really that important anyway?

Forget the why.

What is it?

The process for each painting is the same. It begins with an abstract colour field and into that space I place a figure referenced from one of my life drawing sessions. Finally, overlaid on that is an extract of a technical drawing from a design project I’ve worked on.

The abstract backgrounds are imagination spaces. They are ill-defined and as a result, full of possibility. They have depth, a background and foreground. They are barren or fertile, structured or nebulous. Anything could happen there. Like an open horizon, they allow the mind to wander.

The figures are us. It’s a human story after all.

The technical drawings reference industry, change, progress, evolution. They are in some ways the antithesis of what it is to be natural but conversely, they are a direct expression of what it is to be human. We invent, we imagine, we resolve, we create. We make things that do things that make things easier and harder all the same time. Most frighteningly, our prolific making and doing and changing has pushed the effects of change beyond any sort of control we might comfortably bring to bear (assuming we ever had any control to begin with). Nature is beyond our control and we are nature, so therefore, we are beyond all control.

I’ve struggled for ideas of how best to describe my thoughts or create a visual narrative to express my feelings. So, I’ve abandoned any effort to do so.  I have assembled the elements. The images invite the divination of a narrative. It’s up to the viewer.

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