Monday, December 26, 2016

More Stacked Slabs

Thrilled by the way THE MONITOR turned out, I'm keen to pursue more cast concrete sculpture produced in similar fashion. Unlike the THE MONITOR however, I have decided to include a more easily recognisable figurative element in this work.

While the moulds for these stacked slabs will once again be made from waste packaging, one side of the finished sculpture will form a faithfully reproduced human face; the same theme, a human form described by the castoffs of consumption, expressed uniquely.

As a first step, I have reproduced the computer model in clay by hand, scaled appropriately to match the dimensions described in the digital maquette.

From this, I have cast a series of 5cm (2 inch) plaster moulds, each to be used separately for casting the individual concrete slabs. At least I will finish casting them once I purchase some more plaster. I ran out two sections before reaching the top and it's Christmas so all the shops are shut!