Tuesday, November 29, 2016

111 George St

My recent sculpture THE MONITOR has just this week been installed in the foyer of 111 George St, one of Architect Robin Gibson’s iconic Brisbane buildings. The sculpture, standing 2.0m high is constructed of unfinished “black” steel and cast concrete slabs, common materials in the construction of the contemporary urban landscape. Each slab is cast using a mould made of waste polystyrene packaging, and so, the negative space once occupied by appliances, electronics and gadgets realigns itself to describe a human form. We are what we consume.

These devices improve our lives; enhance our ability to communicate and interact with each other; give us access to vast repositories of information; make life easier; increase leisure. Conversely, there is a sense that our reliance on technology somehow diminishes our humanity and the ever-increasing rate of technological development only further exacerbates the schism. THE MONITOR, cast from the packaging of computer hardware, patiently observes the change.

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