Sunday, September 18, 2016


It’s been an absolute age since I’ve written anything on the blog and that’s not right. There’s certainly been a lot going on. Lots of art, lots of work, lots of life’s trials and tribulations. Perhaps more trials and tribulations than one would care for, though no greater than many suffer and certainly no more than we can bear. Just enough to dent the enthusiasm.

the head, modeled from scratch in Sculptris, was transfered to Microstation as an OBJ file so section profiles could be cut at regular intervals.

I recognize the value of sharing, if not for you, then for myself and the opportunity to collect my thoughts. Having said that, there’s six months’ worth of stuff to get through and I don’t plan to do it all here now. Instead, let’s begin by looking at one of my most recent projects.

I’ve come to feel I should, for a time at least, focus on the figure as subject matter . Figurative drawing from observation and portraiture have been present in my practice from the beginning so in reality, this should come as no surprise. To be accurate, I think it represents a winnowing of distractions that may have at times diluted my efforts.

Printed hard copies of the profiles form templates for the molded sections and are laid on a marine ply base before being painted with a vegetable oil release agent.

Like most of my work, this piece is largely introspective, examining my own feelings on issues and occurrences that affect me directly. Which is not to say my feelings aren’t universal, what affects one in many ways affects us all, but rather, I’ve never sought to directly address the subject of art, it’s practice, historical precedents and contemporary influences on a broader scale.

While at times I may, neither am I seeking to make work describing a singular narrative. The essence of a feeling is what I hope to capture. The distillation of a thought expressed through an image or object. And generally with each work, I seek to accomplish a variety of goals, satisfying my interest in the processes of construction and manufacturing, challenging myself in some way and expanding my experience.

So far I've cast 5 of these concrete sections with another 12 left to do. While it only takes and hour or two to set up the mould, each cast is left to cure in a bath for around seven days and with plenty of other things happening, I could be a while getting this sculpture finished,