Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pine Rivers Window Gallery

As a recipient of a merit award in last years Moreton Bay Region Art Awards I was invited to display some work alongside winners James and Eleanor Avery in the Pine Rivers Art Gallery "Window Gallery" for the duration of this years awards. I was introduced to James and Eleanor at the opening last year by my painting tutor Nameer Davis and I've had the great fortune to chat with them both on several occasions since then and found them to be wonderfully open and approachable people. As well as that I was invited to supply a brief article for this year's catalogue which made it doubly exciting. And that leaves me wondering why I didn't enter anything this year!

The call for entries was on while I was deep in prep for my Caboolture exhibition and unsure (or just speculatively hopeful) about what opportunities that show might bring, I was reluctant to commit any pieces from it until it was over. So of course I missed the deadline. 

Note to future self, what MIGHT happen tomorrow is not necessarily what WILL happen so don't let it overly influence the choices you make today.

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