Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 SQ Youth Award

My exhibition is over, the work's back home and in the wash-up I'd say it was a positive thing all round. But the postmortem can wait. There's lots of other stuff to be getting on with.

In my role as Exhibition Coordinator for Sculptors Queensland things are really hotting up. The last couple of years SQ has run a student prize as part of it's annual members exhibition. Unfortunately, the take-up has NOT been particularly strong. So this year I have re-somethinged it into the Youth Award, "open to all Queensland residents under the age of 25 engaged in the exciting practice of sculpture." Style Property have graciously offered a $250 cash prize and we have including a full years membership of SQ which makes the winner eligible for the $2000.00 Shillam Prize in 2016 if they choose to enter. Secretly what I really want is people younger than me to get involved in the organisation and take over. If Gen Y kids are as ambitious as people make out then they need to know there are loads of cashed up community organisations out there desperate for enthusiastic individuals to step up and take charge!

So putting on my Graphic Artist's hat, I've prepared a full page and half page promo flyer, shared it via FB to all the local UNI's, TAFE's and art stores and even printed a couple out and stuck them up on noticeboards at places I was going to anyway. There's every chance we might get a few entries!

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