Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prices are Down and Staying Down

Today is my last day of fucking around before I have to deliver all my work to CRAG for my exhibition I KNEW IT WAS WRONG BUT I DID IT ANYWAY. I was looking at my painting of Tuna and thinking it would be good if it could go too. But it had always lacked something. So I was prepared to leave it at home.

I painted it shortly after I made several other pieces, pen and ink drawings that kind of followed a theme, Misplaced Sympathy, One for the Green Team and Not Welcome Here Either. In each of these I expressed an idea by juxtaposing two disparate but somehow linked subjects and I think they  achieved it with some success. In this piece I tried to show more restraint. To simply make a picture of a subject I was interested in without trying to preach or moralise. But in the end it was just a pretty picture of fish.

I thought it was done, past the point of meddling, but I had an idea how I could change it. To add the twist it lacked that would make it a statement; to expose an underlying intent beyond aesthetics. I decide to vandalise it.

Then I fucked that up. It's not that I don't know how words are spelled. It's just that sometimes my head gets ahead of my hand. I tried to fix it but then decided to take it back to the first error ( I rubbed out the red 'y' using turps). It's more honest.

Now I can take it with me.

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