Monday, February 9, 2015

i knew it was wrong but i did it anyway

Well this is it. Everything is in, just a few labels to go and it's looking very much liked I imagined it would. Quite a few locals stuck there noses in and made comments, all pretty positive. Thanks to Zoe and Ferris in particular who put in a long day at the end of long and challenging week (for him). I really appreciate it and I'm thrilled with the way it's come together.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prices are Down and Staying Down

Today is my last day of fucking around before I have to deliver all my work to CRAG for my exhibition I KNEW IT WAS WRONG BUT I DID IT ANYWAY. I was looking at my painting of Tuna and thinking it would be good if it could go too. But it had always lacked something. So I was prepared to leave it at home.

I painted it shortly after I made several other pieces, pen and ink drawings that kind of followed a theme, Misplaced Sympathy, One for the Green Team and Not Welcome Here Either. In each of these I expressed an idea by juxtaposing two disparate but somehow linked subjects and I think they  achieved it with some success. In this piece I tried to show more restraint. To simply make a picture of a subject I was interested in without trying to preach or moralise. But in the end it was just a pretty picture of fish.

I thought it was done, past the point of meddling, but I had an idea how I could change it. To add the twist it lacked that would make it a statement; to expose an underlying intent beyond aesthetics. I decide to vandalise it.

Then I fucked that up. It's not that I don't know how words are spelled. It's just that sometimes my head gets ahead of my hand. I tried to fix it but then decided to take it back to the first error ( I rubbed out the red 'y' using turps). It's more honest.

Now I can take it with me.