Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NPCAA DesigEX Stand - A Bit of Freelance Design Work

Through my commercial client, Precast Concrete Products, I was invited by the National Precast Concrete Association Australia (NPCAA) to submit a design for an industry display stand to be used at upcoming design expo's around the country. Obviously this isn't art, but as my clients become aware of my artistic practice, it seems to open more diverse and interesting creative opportunities for me.

The exterior and interior finishes are made from Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) panels fixed over a lightweight steel frame. It is modular so the different sample panels can be replaced depending on which NPCAA members are taking part in different expo's. This base 3x3m unit is also designed to be expandable with the addition of an opposite hand version up to 3x6m and the inclusion of flat "spacer" walls between the units to achieve sizes up to 12x6m.

The NPCAA and Precast Concrete Products are keen to get started so it will be interesting to see how the design develops as they start manufacturing.

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  1. Another nice feather in your cap bro. Looks good.