Monday, August 11, 2014

Trophy Brain

Time for another trophy pig. This is going to be a "One-Off" like the earlier Pig's Head Trophy but even still, I thought it would be good practice to attempt a nice, five piece segmented plaster mould. But instead I've ended up with a crappy three piece plaster mould that needs a little patching. Oh well.

 I've been sick as dog, work's been truly mental and feeling like shit is simply not a good enough excuse for a day off when deadlines are looming. I started the clay modeling over a week ago and it sat, fairly complete, on my desk drying out and cracking while I was busy with other things. By Saturday I either had to mould it or throw it away. I made shims out of beer cans which were alright in themselves, just their placement was mediocre. The whims round the top of it's head weren't secured at all, I was hoping they might just stick to the wet clay. And the join in the ears was totally impractical. But it's done now and with a little patching it should stand up. I expect the finished cast will want a lot of patching and finishing too but for a one-off, that's OK.

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