Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to life drawing after a long absense

Back to life drawing this week after many weeks away. The last time I was there the model was an extraordinarily tall German guy. He was energetic, crazy and a lot of fun, but above all, he was huge. I stood in my usual spot, a couple of metres from the model's podium and proceeded in my regular fashion. But every drawing I did came out wrong. I realised it was impossible for me to take in such a tall subject with one glance. So after a few poses, I shifted my easel back several metres. But it was still no good, I simply couldn't get the scale right. His legs came out too long for his body, or his feet to massive. Mostly I just ran out of paper.

This week's model, Nikka, was literally half the tall German's size so even despite my months of absense, my eye seemed to be working just fine.

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