Friday, August 22, 2014

Gold Piggy Piggy on the Wall

This is the second piggy mirror frame from an earlier mould. Still deciding about keeping the clear mirror in the first pink frame. I swapped it with a board covered with a reflective pink metallic film so the reflection you see is coloured and distorted. I like the idea but I'm not sure I've got the execution right. If i can sort it out, and source the right coloured film, this one will have a reflective gold tummy. Or maybe I should do complementary colours.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Trophy Brain

Time for another trophy pig. This is going to be a "One-Off" like the earlier Pig's Head Trophy but even still, I thought it would be good practice to attempt a nice, five piece segmented plaster mould. But instead I've ended up with a crappy three piece plaster mould that needs a little patching. Oh well.

 I've been sick as dog, work's been truly mental and feeling like shit is simply not a good enough excuse for a day off when deadlines are looming. I started the clay modeling over a week ago and it sat, fairly complete, on my desk drying out and cracking while I was busy with other things. By Saturday I either had to mould it or throw it away. I made shims out of beer cans which were alright in themselves, just their placement was mediocre. The whims round the top of it's head weren't secured at all, I was hoping they might just stick to the wet clay. And the join in the ears was totally impractical. But it's done now and with a little patching it should stand up. I expect the finished cast will want a lot of patching and finishing too but for a one-off, that's OK.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to life drawing after a long absense

Back to life drawing this week after many weeks away. The last time I was there the model was an extraordinarily tall German guy. He was energetic, crazy and a lot of fun, but above all, he was huge. I stood in my usual spot, a couple of metres from the model's podium and proceeded in my regular fashion. But every drawing I did came out wrong. I realised it was impossible for me to take in such a tall subject with one glance. So after a few poses, I shifted my easel back several metres. But it was still no good, I simply couldn't get the scale right. His legs came out too long for his body, or his feet to massive. Mostly I just ran out of paper.

This week's model, Nikka, was literally half the tall German's size so even despite my months of absense, my eye seemed to be working just fine.