Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bullets and Barrels Revisited

I've had these plaster casts of stuff hanging around for a long time now. In the back of my mind was an idea to split them and arrange them in a circular pattern, mould them and cast them as some kind of wall hanging mandala. The picture in my mind was of one of those 1970's wall clocks that sit in the middle of radiating timber spokes like the rays of the sun. But once I started laying them out I had a better idea. Each element is part of a kit requiring assembly. In the kit is everything you need to take control, build a career, manage a business, run a country. Spray a few bullets, drop a few bombshells, disguise it as best practice, remember you're only responsible to the shareholders and don't forget to map out your exit strategy.

I made some virtual models of pieces I might like to physically make, then, thinking pretty hard about context, I overlaid the rendered images onto screen shots ripped from a video I took on a construction site a few years ago. The construction business is pretty f#@king adversarial at times. There have certainly been projects where I felt I was under assault in the last twenty years. Stooges get promotions and careers get crushed under the maneuvers of big builders, international consulting firms and government agencies covering their asses.


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