Monday, June 23, 2014

From Failure to Success

Cold cast aluminium pigs trotter with gold glitter bones.

This piece seemed for all intents and purposes, a total bust. The cold cast aluminium is something new for me. After chatting with Kym at the casting supplies I carefully measured my polyester resin, aluminium powder and catalyst. Mixed the ingredients together and filled the mould. But as I looked back to my work bench I noticed the still full measuring cup of catalyst. How could this be...ooops, forgot to mix it in. Rather than empty the mould, which would have been awkward, I decided to mix it in-situ. 

And as you can see, the tips of the hoof failed to set.

I've had some ideas that involve casting bones in clear resin so there were a few prepared chicken bones on my bench. These are left over from a chicken dinner. I boiled them for about an hour to remove any excess flesh and sinew. Then I soaked them in bleach for a day or so before leaving them to dry. They've been painted with a glitter and resin mix to seal them and inserted in holes drilled into the ends of the trotter. I'm happy with the correlation this has to the split pigs as another demonstration of the treasure inside.

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  1. Metal \m/
    The aluminium looks amazing dude. And nice save with the cut off and the bones.