Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tentacles, Awards and Meeting Winners

Finished tentacle lamp, Fibreglass shell filled with concrete, painted with purple, pink, green and cream enamel, topped off with a hand painted lamp shade. Feeling pretty pleased with my spray can handling. Might have to go and get a few tips from the graff boys hanging at Jugglers Art Space.

Friday night was the opening of this years Moreton Bay Region Art Awards. I got a call the day before from Claire Sourgnes, the councils Network Coordinator for Art Galleries, Community Services, Arts and Heritage (sounds like a monster workload) to let me know the council would like to purchase the Rainbow Glitter Bombs for their public collection. I was so excited, it was pretty hard to settle down to any real work for the rest of the day.

The prize is acquisitive so at this point I realised I wasn't the winner (otherwise MBRC wouldn't need to buy the work) but I felt like I'd won. I gladly headed off to the opening looking forward to meeting Claire and her team who'd obviously shown so much faith in the work. I genuinely wasn't expecting to be presented with a merit award that night. Don't ask me the name of the Councillor who presented it to me, I was too stunned to pay much attention to anything. 

And I must also admit to feeling a certain amount of embarrassment for her. Such an auspicious occasion with speeches from the Deputy Mayor and the director of Arts and Heritage, celebratory and joyous but in a serious way, all about the value art brings to our community and the valuable role artists will play in its future and prosperity, "...and to begin, we'd like to present this Merit Award to Cameron Eaton for his work Rainbow Glitter Bombs." 

It's was as though Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle had harrumphed and stamped their way into a minutes silence for the Anzacs. Ok, maybe not that surreal, but it certainly didn't roll off her tongue. But maybe that moment of awkwardness was a sign of something really good. A WTF moment that stops everyone.

Loads of people congratulated me throughout the rest of the night, not least of all the winners, Husband and Wife team James and Eleanor Avery who were introduced to me by my old painting tutor Nameer Davis who also had a work selected for the award. And Karl De Waal, my sculpture tutor, who miraculously now works for the MBRC and who assures me the choice to purchase my piece was made before anyone knew of the connection between us two.

I ran in to Paul Harvey whom I know from the BIA who also had work selected and spent some time trying to find Ryan Daffurn whom I know form Atelier Art Studios and have painted with not too long ago. And the point of all this name dropping is to say that altogether, it added up to a feeling of "Having Arrived". I'm sure there are many stages to feeling like you've arrived, and in between, lots of time when you're not sure if you've gone anywhere at all, but for now, I'm riding the wave.

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