Saturday, May 10, 2014

Split pig - Casting

I'm procrastinating. I have to make a mould for my S#itting Pig and I don't want to F#@k it up. So I made a mould for the split pig instead. First cast in resin revealed several faults in my not so careful planning but it's full steam ahead anyway. As a result, I spent a strangely long time in a bead shop in Fortitude Valley which was about the weirdest thing I think I've done in ages. A really discordant mix of young and old that I certainly was not expecting but on reflection is very cool.


  1. Was it that bead shop in the back streets in behind the Tivoli? I went there with Aunty Wonky one time and I thought it was a trip as well. I get that people sometimes have a need for beads, but it's bizarre to see people who are passionate about beads : )

  2. Gracias Aflredo.

    Yes Chango, that's the one. I grabbed a bunch of beads from the "Fill a Bag for $2.00" bucket. When I told the bead lovers what I was going to do they weren't too sure it was going to work. The beads just kind of "Disappear" in the resin. I left them poking out of the cast face and decided to grind them back flush. Like Terrazo! But it turns out I got a few glass beads mixed in, so when shards of glass started chipping off, I decided it was safest to abandon that idea.