Friday, May 16, 2014

More Concrete Tentacles

I'm slowly casting concrete tentacles with a view to submit them as a single outdoor piece for this years SQ members exhbition, held in the Mt Coot-tha Botanical gardens. The plan is for five tentacles arranged like the petals of a flower with the life bouys in the centre representing stamen. Without going into it too much, the life bouys represent risk and the tentacles consequences. Each piece has a steel spike cast in the base so they can be fixed in place in a garden setting.

The first cast has problems and wasn't for this piece so it doesn't count. For the second cast I changed release agents from Vege oil to petroleum jelly (vasoline) and that failed epically (is that a word?). Switched back to Vegetable oil for 3 and 4 but applying it in thin layers and allowing time for it to dry between coats.

The mould is deteriorating more with each cast so I'm temporarily patching it with clay each time. Fingers crossed I can get three more out of it.

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