Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Moreton Bay Region Art Award

My cast resin 'Rainbow Glitter Bombs' have been selected as finalists in this years Moreton Bay Region Art Awards. I almost didn't enter. I've had a lot of stuff on in the past few months, not just work and kids, although there's always plenty of that. I'm taking a fairly active role with the managing committee of Sculptors Queensland this year and that continues to be a real learning experience, absorbing a lot of time, none of which actually involves making sculpture. 

As well as finding time to make some art, there's several other projects on too, so when the call for entries came out I was thinking it was all too hard. At the time, my pigs head trophy wasn't going so well and I wasn't sure if I even had anything I could enter. 

I certainly wasn't thinking about these pieces. I'd submitted the original carved Buddha Bomb to both the Churchie emerging art award and the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize and been rejected on both counts. I figured this piece simply wasn't going to work in a competition context. But with one day left for submissions, a friend asked what I was entering, "Surely," He said, "you've got something."

So late that night, I typed out my Artist Statement, edited it several times to hit the limited word count (still not sure it makes any sense) and PayPal'd my entry fee. Really glad I did. It's great to get accepted, great to be involved and you just never know how these things will go.

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