Thursday, April 10, 2014

S#itting Pig

I got distracted while waiting for my tentacle mould to dry. I'm working on a small figure, 17cm tall (that's 6 1/2 inches) made with Sculpey polymer clay. I would like to attempt a fairly complicated silcone and plaster mould for this piece so I can cast it in resin. To do it the way I'm thinking means I need a HARD figure rather than a clay or plasticine one so the Sculpey was an obvious choice. Also because I still had some hanging around from the split pig.

Sculpey won't cure for thicknesses greater than 12mm so first I made an armature from wire and Aluminium foil. I read that you can sand the sculpey after you've baked it and that has worked really well. Also you can add to it with more sculpey and bake it again which made it easy to flip him and work on his backside. Two bakes done and I just have to add a few small details to finish this stage of the work. Then i just need to make a table and chair for him. And something to eat.

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