Friday, April 18, 2014

Concrete Tentacle - Now Fibreglass

Taking a slightly different tack with the concrete tentacles. The goal with the concrete casts is to turn them into lamp bases. To do this I planned to cast a large duct for the electrical cable down the centre which doesn't quite reach the tip and then drill down for the final stage. But the pipe I have is too large and if I use a smaller pipe there's no way I'll line it up right for the drilled hole at the other end. So I think I need to make a hole in the top of the mould to fit the smaller duct through so there's a cast hole from top to bottom.

But before I start destroying this mould, I figured I should make a nice clean fibreglass copy, from which I could make another mould if I need too, considering there's a good chance I could be about to f@#k this one up.

Then I had this other idea which involves me making a bunch of concrete casts without the ducts so maybe those next, then the lamps. But first, I must seamlessly join these two halves together.

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