Saturday, April 26, 2014

Something for Nothing

So this is where the S#itting Pig is at. I ended up making him some furniture from timber I had lying around. From here maybe I can make moulds and cast them in clear resin. Shit changes daily.

I've been looking at my split pig piece, half a pig with jewels inside, and wondering what it says about greed and selfishness. I was thinking, the pig may be indulgent, but that doesn't make it selfish. And why does it have jewels inside, it's not a hoarder, it rejoices in consumption. The selfish creature is shrewd and lean: the pig takes but it gives too.

Insurance companies charge a lazy tax. That is, if you're a loyal customer and pay your premium when it comes due, they charge you twice as much as the price they offer to new customers for the same deal. They all do it, across the board, and lots of other service providers do it too. Funny thing is, so much of their advertising encourages you to remain loyal, promising to be the only ones who'll really look after you when you need it. It seems that rule number one is always try to get something for nothing.

Which is a lot like fast food, much of which isn't actually food, and has no real value whatsoever. Yet for that meal of nothing, we hand over money. Money that most of us have to work for. Money that represents hours spent slogging away at jobs we may not like, away from family who miss us, away from things we'd much rather be doing. We're encouraged to gluttony, robbed for the effort and rewarded with nothing. It's a kind of magic money making machine, nothing goes in, yet treasure comes out.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Concrete Tentacle - Now Fibreglass

Taking a slightly different tack with the concrete tentacles. The goal with the concrete casts is to turn them into lamp bases. To do this I planned to cast a large duct for the electrical cable down the centre which doesn't quite reach the tip and then drill down for the final stage. But the pipe I have is too large and if I use a smaller pipe there's no way I'll line it up right for the drilled hole at the other end. So I think I need to make a hole in the top of the mould to fit the smaller duct through so there's a cast hole from top to bottom.

But before I start destroying this mould, I figured I should make a nice clean fibreglass copy, from which I could make another mould if I need too, considering there's a good chance I could be about to f@#k this one up.

Then I had this other idea which involves me making a bunch of concrete casts without the ducts so maybe those next, then the lamps. But first, I must seamlessly join these two halves together.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Concrete Tentacle - First Cast

First cast of the concrete tentacle lamp base done. Not quite an epic fail but this one certainly won't see completion. The concrete is powdery at the top which is from too much de-moulding oil (vegetable oil). Thinking maybe I'll juts try using the PVA de-moulding agent for the next one. But worse than that, there's a crack at about a quarter of the way down which goes all the way round. It wiggles so I'm sure with a good pull, the tip will come right off. There is a PVC duct cast into the piece which ends right about where the crack is. I didn't bother trying to reinforce the concrete with wire but perhaps next time I will, particularly around the point where this crack has occurred.
And apart from all that, I used a six month old half empty bag of concrete that I found lying around under the house.

So next time, use fresh new concrete, use de-moulding agent sparingly and add a little reinforcing wire.

It popped out of the mould with no real trouble so it's looking good for multiple casts.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

S#itting Pig

I got distracted while waiting for my tentacle mould to dry. I'm working on a small figure, 17cm tall (that's 6 1/2 inches) made with Sculpey polymer clay. I would like to attempt a fairly complicated silcone and plaster mould for this piece so I can cast it in resin. To do it the way I'm thinking means I need a HARD figure rather than a clay or plasticine one so the Sculpey was an obvious choice. Also because I still had some hanging around from the split pig.

Sculpey won't cure for thicknesses greater than 12mm so first I made an armature from wire and Aluminium foil. I read that you can sand the sculpey after you've baked it and that has worked really well. Also you can add to it with more sculpey and bake it again which made it easy to flip him and work on his backside. Two bakes done and I just have to add a few small details to finish this stage of the work. Then i just need to make a table and chair for him. And something to eat.