Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moulding for Concrete Tentalces

I was so impressed by how last weeks Hebel Lamp turned out, I've decided I should have a go at making one out of concrete. I bought a block of clay some weeks ago and I've been determined to do something with it but I've vacillated over what purpose to put it to. The pigs head that forms the banner of this blog is one piece I've yet to post about since I've struggled to complete it. But it's done now and I plan to make another just like it which is why I bought the clay in the first place. The newer plan is to make papier mache pig masks, and lots of them, which needs a mould, and the clay could have been used for that. There's still some fresh clay left so maybe that next.
In the meantime, while this plaster dries thoroughly, maybe I'll start a painting.

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