Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Welcome 2014. I finished this painting this morning and I'm pretty happy about it. The colour and tone feels good. The likeness is good. All up it's pretty good.
I've been beating myself up a lot lately, making life difficult for myself. I started this painting a few weeks ago. it was much different. In fact, it's not really the same painting at all. So I painted it over and started again. Like my previous post, this portrait started as a pencil and charcoal sketch from a photo. I know it's different to working from life (so everyone tells me) but I try not to fuss over the drawing too much and complete it in a period of time that would not be difficult for a real life sitter. I've been threatening myself with a real sitter. But I worry I'll force one of my friends sit for an hour and then not do a good job. So I'm practicing with photo's.

I transferred the drawing to a wood board 60cm square and started painting. And finished in a couple of short sessions. And that's what I like best. It's not laboured over. It's all brush strokes. If I can make a good sketch, just maybe I can make a good painting.

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  1. I like the brush stroke-iness too. It's crazy how the brain can translate such broad strokes into a perfect image of that person.