Sunday, November 10, 2013

Piggy in the Mirror - Revisited

So after some crazy shaping with a sanding disk, the pig mirror is finished. I cut a backing board and decided it was an opportunity for a secret painting. And it's great, I love it! 
It's funny, I've been agonising about how to paint, and what sort of paintings I want to make, then I quickly knocked out this little pigs head based on a sketch of something else I've been working on and it's spot on. Just the right mix of drawing and shading. A limited pallet of analogous colours. Makes me feel like I've been trying too hard. Did I mention that I've also had a couple of beers.


  1. Sweet hard currency mutilation for the clips bro! I'm also much more comfortable with the back of this piece than the front given the lack of anus.

  2. your problem with poo shoots I'll never understand.