Sunday, November 3, 2013

Painting Again

I started a painting this week. I've been thinking about getting back to painting for a while. I had this plan of combining abstract backgrounds with figurative elements while also including some drawing and collage and anything that struck me as fun that did not include a brush. I've been spending time looking at paintings by artists that I like who do the sorts of things I've been thinking maybe I might like to do....and then I did this.

I assembled a collection of objects, including a number of my own sculptures, some toys, a painting and a piece by Karl de Waal, took a photo, gridded it up and transferred the outline to a canvas. This is the first layer of paint and now I will go back and add more layers, maybe change a few colours and fix some of the drawing.
It's a long way from what I'd planned to do but I had the idea I should try making a painting this way before I did those other things. A lot of artists make paintings this way. I wanted to see how I felt about making a painting this way. 

It's still hard work. The acrylic paint dry quickly so you have to work fast and small. There are things about i t I like and things I like less. I'm mindful of my earlier painting tutor Nameer Davis suggesting that most paintings look ugly before they start to look good. In an interview, Australian sculptor Ken Unsworth tells of how he came to realise he would never be a painter and how, as an artist, he struggled with the idea that he just couldn't paint. When I'm feeling not so great about painting, I'm try to block the ear that Ken's talking into and only listen with the ear closest to Nameer.

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