Friday, November 22, 2013

Aspirational Homes

This painting has been quicker, and a lot more fun than the last one. Referencing a photo from the local real estate pages, I drew directly onto a prepared canvas with a small squirrel hair brush, then laid washes over the top and blocked in colours. 
While I'm sure anyone is free to advertise in the pages where this image was found, the majority of homes on display, represent the higher end of the market. Aspirational properties in desirable suburbs. You can imagine the owners sitting down with their Architects and declaring "Money's no object!" But I've no real right to criticize. We've all been swept along with the "Home Beatiful" road show of recent decades.
Over that I have drawn some men dragging a pig off to be slaughtered. It's from the Romanian celebration of "Ignat" which happens every year in December. A religious ceremony and apparently, according to custom, the pigs dream of knives the night before.
Anyway, there's been a good mix of sloppy painting, scratching, masking, drawing and troweling so I'm happyish. I'll just keep moving on I guess.

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