Sunday, October 6, 2013

This little Piggy's about half way home

What I like best about life drawing is the opportunity to make some quick art. Other jobs seem to take forever. I've been working on this project for weeks now. It's a mirror with a pig for a frame. I'm calling it ;

"Piggy Piggy on the Wall, Who's the Biggest Piggy of Them All".

Though it's not finished yet, for future reference, here are some notes on the construction so far. The original drawing was transferred to a plywood base which will become the back of the finished piece. The form was modeled over the plywood with Terracotta which is uniformly fine, giving a smooth finish without grains. The plaster mould was sealed with a layer of polyester laminating resin and for a release agent, I used one coat of J Wax from a spray can under two coats of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA). The mould was stripped while the fiberglass was still green, 2-3 hours after the last coat of glass was laid up and included the forming of several 'tabs' protruding from the inside surface to aid with de-moulding. The mould needs some minor repairs before it's next use but overall, it held up pretty well.


  1. That thing is kinda creepy. I mean, it's got a date-hole and everything.

  2. Well it's time to stop turning away and face up to the fact that pigs have poo holes!