Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hawaiian Bullet Trotter

Here's the first attempt at a clear resin cast of the Trotter with the hand painted bullet embedded inside. It was very nearly an epic fail. I knew the mould was a little leaky but I'd hoped the resin would be gooey enough for it not to matter. Nearly a third of the resin leaked out before it had stiffened enough to stop flowing. That, and me frantically wrapping the mould in tape to try and stem the losses. I topped it up once the first batch had cooled. There's a visible line of small bubbles around the joint but it's not obscenely obvious. Next time I'll pack the perimeter with clay, then tape it up.
The form of the embedded bullet is not as obvious as I'd hoped but it's still quite clear from at least one angle. Some investigation is required on the part of the viewer and that's maybe not a bad thing.

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