Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life Preserver - Concrete Casts

The purely plaster mould for my concrete life preservers is holding up incredibly well. I have cast five rings at the time of typing this post, using several different concrete mixes. The nature of the mould requires me to stuff the concrete in through two small holes so it's a slow process and the copies aren't perfect. But in this material I think spalling and other irregualrities add to the character of the piece.
I am so pleased with the way these have turned out and the success of the mould, I'm thinking now to build a dedicated plinth incorporating a shallow pond so I can show these as an installation in a submerged setting. Today we visited my Brother In-law Andrew and his wife Mardi who helped me photograph these pieces in the creek that runs through their property. They are both wonderful people and dedicated practitioners in their chosen fields. Though you can only see a glimpse of it here, the peaceful beauty of their surroundings reflects the peace and beaty they seek in themselves. Check them out at,

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