Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stone Wave - Preliminary

Moving on from the earlier splashes, I have been working on this soapstone carving of a wave. I bought this lump of rock a couple of months ago and for a long time it sat in my workroom, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I was contemplating something piggish but it was a strangely triangular price of material and I wanted to approach it with a view to minimising wastage. In a way letting the stone dictate my direction. I made sketches and doodles of things that might fit within the rough dimensions of the stone and hit upon a wave shape. It's a move onward from the splashes but perhaps more in line with the original idea that led to them. 
I have tried as much as possible to work with the original shape of the stone, removing as little material as possible. This self imposed restriction has meant that the piece is more wave-like than a true representation of a wave but I feel it has been a positive exercise, finding a compromise between the raw stone, a conceptual form and a finished work that is aesthetically pleasing.
It has been roughly sanded and requires many more passes through finer grain paper but I plan to take it along to the next forum night at Sculptors Queensland 'as is' and seek a little feedback.

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