Friday, August 30, 2013

A great drawing moment

Getting semi regular with the life drawing group at the SQ Shed so there's lots of nudes uploaded to the flikr page. But I did want to share this one which is two drawings on one A2 size page from 30 minute poses. I am so pleased and proud of these drawings. I reckon regular drawings sessions are a bit like regular gym sessions. Reinforcing skills and developing muscles. If you were getting into fitness, I'd say these drawings represent the achievement of some goal weight on the bench press. "Hey Buddy, how much can you press?"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Life Preserver - Prototype

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making this little life preserver out of a plaster ring, rope and chord. The goal is to cast concrete copies using very basic mould making techniques. The life preserver represents risk management and it will tickle me no end to realise it in concrete.

I embedded the ring in clay and set up to pour the first half of the plaster mould which worked fine. I flipped it, stripped the clay and set up for the second pour but the shitty build of beer carton and plastic bagged wasn't up to it and sprung a leak. Working fast, I tied the bag to the ceiling with electrical wire and strapped the cardboard beer carton with a belt. I was pretty much laughing the whole time and I still get a kick out of looking at the photo's.
I'm going to drill a couple of big holes in one side to pour in the concrete and with any luck I'll get at least one concrete life preserver at the end.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stone Wave

Today, I spent a couple of hours sanding and polishing the stone wave piece and it feels good to get something finished. It certainly seems like I've been starting more things than finishing them lately. I took it along to meet the other members of Sculptors Queensland this week which was a good night. Plenty of friendly help and advice. It was suggested I try Bees wax or Carnauba wax to finish the polishing stage. I'd heard of Carnauba wax but hadn't been able to track it down and I was starting to think it may be just a north american thing (god bless the internet) but really I was just looking in the wrong place. This piece is finished with Gilly Stephenson's Carnauba Polish and though it sounds lame to say, it looks much better in real life. Great shine.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick Selfie

Forget every bad thing I said about painting, we're mates again. I suspect it's all this life drawing I've been doing but I felt compelled to wet my paint brushes again. I thought I'd knock up a quick self portrait so I dug out a mirror and set it up on an easel beside me. This is a smaller canvas, 40x30 cm, completed over two sessions about an hour and a half each. I reckon there's about as much fussing around as there is painting in that time but all up I think it's a good likeness, done fairly quickly.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stone Wave - Preliminary

Moving on from the earlier splashes, I have been working on this soapstone carving of a wave. I bought this lump of rock a couple of months ago and for a long time it sat in my workroom, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I was contemplating something piggish but it was a strangely triangular price of material and I wanted to approach it with a view to minimising wastage. In a way letting the stone dictate my direction. I made sketches and doodles of things that might fit within the rough dimensions of the stone and hit upon a wave shape. It's a move onward from the splashes but perhaps more in line with the original idea that led to them. 
I have tried as much as possible to work with the original shape of the stone, removing as little material as possible. This self imposed restriction has meant that the piece is more wave-like than a true representation of a wave but I feel it has been a positive exercise, finding a compromise between the raw stone, a conceptual form and a finished work that is aesthetically pleasing.
It has been roughly sanded and requires many more passes through finer grain paper but I plan to take it along to the next forum night at Sculptors Queensland 'as is' and seek a little feedback.