Friday, July 26, 2013

stacked barrels

I've been working on a couple of Barrel projects over the last few weeks and this one is getting closer to completion. The barrel is a wonderful symbol for commodities and resources as well as excessive consumption and toxicity. Once we're done processing, reconstituting and dispersing the contents, we bury them in the ground or simply abandon them openly, corroding and lined with residue.
But apart from that I enjoy them simply as forms. It's a lot of fun painting them bright colours with splashes and drips and making little stickers to put on them. The timber pallets represent mini construction projects in themselves. And using the barrels to stack the drying pallets seemed fitting and still tickles me. It's as though this scaled down manufacturing process in some way replicates true life practices and the purposes these items might be put to.
The next task is to fashion some kind of case to display these in. They're not exactly stable just on their own.

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