Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bullets and Barrels

Though I did show them in the end of semester exhibition at the BIA, the Bullets and Barrels are a couple of pieces that are yet to be fully realised. When I started casting plaster copies of the Buddha Bomb I began wondering about other shapes I could easily create with the same process. One idea for the Buddhas was to make them into fizzy bath bombs. That way they'd actually explode... kind of. But the silicone mould I have is no good for that purpose and despite several attempts, I've had no success at making a hard mould for that piece. The bullets I thought would be good for that purpose, the "Magic Bullet" for a soothing bath experience. And maybe I'll do that yet.
The other idea is to turn these pieces into candles. A nice sandalwood for Buddha, the bullets are the right shape and the barrel...well, it's like burning oil.
I've had ideas for the barrels since well before but wasn't really sure  how to do it, But it's coming together now so I'm casting a few each day till I have a relative stockpile. Painting the first four was a lot of fun. Each is like a mini abstract painting.

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