Friday, May 10, 2013

The Magical Pig

Another one of those weeks where a lot goes on and nothing happens. I cut these pork chop stencils and tried them out with an ink roller on watercolour paper but it didn't really work. I ended up dabbing pigment through the stencil with a tissue and adding outlines with a nikko pen. Not sure where I'm going with that (if anywhere) just yet but they look alright.
The trotter sculpt is coming along. It takes a couple of weeks before the plaster is dry enough for sandpaper so after carving with chisels, it spent a long time just drying out. A few days of which it sat out in the sunshine cause wet plaster can start smelling a lot like wet dog. Did I mention that I bought a real pigs trotter from the butcher for reference? After a couple of weeks, it started smelling bad too. But a scrub with bleach and new cling wrap should get it through till the end of the job.
In the last few weeks I've also made a mould of a giant pork chop. This one started as a clay sculpt. The plaster mould is now dry and I sealed it with polyester laminating resin (fibre glass resin left over from the ghost fish sculpture). Its about 40cm long and 7cm deep adn is now filled with concrete. Hopefully will pull that tomorrow and fingers crossed the cast comes out clean and the mould is undamaged.

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