Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pigs Trotter

The Pigs trotter is complete. This was carved from a solid cylinder of plaster 24cm high and 10cm in diameter. In the end I decided to finish it gloss white, the better to accentuate the form. I sealed this piece with polyester laminating resin (fibreglass resin) partly because that's what I have lying around but also as it worked quite well on the pork chop mould. This time there was some strange bubbling as the resin cured, much of which I sanded out but what remains gives a nice texture in places, like skin.

The real pigs trotter, which is about half the length of the finished sculpture, lasted several weeks when treated according to the butchers instructions. By the time I got around to photographing it, it really had gone bad though. So I left it wrapped in cling film and unceremoniously turfed it out on bin night.


  1. Dude, that turned out amazing! Thoroughly grotesque, creepy and distinctly swine-ish. The gloss finish is a nice juxtaposition too. It'd look killer scaled way way up. A 2 metre trotter.