Sunday, May 26, 2013

Concrete Pork Chops

What is there to say, they're concrete pork chops. Consistent with the theme of greed that's running through some if my work I'm again employing the symbol of the pig, or in this case one if it's products. The challenge set was to create a sculpture using concrete. I have a fair bit of experience with this medium through my structural work, though it is more theoretical than practical. The original chop was sculpted in clay from which I took a plaster mould .There was a small issue of bubbles in the concrete but I managed better on the second attempt and the two part glass coat finish filled most voids anyway. I had planned to finish them monotone pink but they just didn't look right so they've ended up with a more realistic treatment. A little kitsch maybe, but I do love the gooey shiny finish.


  1. Love em - I mean your sculpture, not pork chops (mind you I'm sure I'd enjoy one if dished up) A xo ;)

  2. Thanks Ang. Though at around 7 kilos each, they'd make a forbidding meal.