Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two steps forward, one step back

It's been a funny sort of fortnight for art. I've had more than several of those bleak days that you have, you know the ones. Those days when you feel like all your efforts are pointless, your work is garbage and you'd be better off in front of the tv with a bag of chips and a carton of beer.

I bought some gold leaf and size and stuck it on (as per the instructions) but patches of plaster showed through where I'd missed with the glue so after it was dry I gave it another go. Except the gold leaf is not pure gold and applying size over the top made it start to oxidise and the off colour patches miraculously spread through the next layer like cancer. They don't look so bad in the photo but believe me, they are truly shit. The whole exercise was hours and hours of wasted work. Top it off with a couple of other projects falling over and at least one rejection from a local art competition...

Still, I managed to paint a whole lot more Buddha Bombs and they turned out great. And I've been using the gold leaf in some pen and ink drawings and I like it. Plus I had a few more ideas for fun stuff to make and do so no excuses. I will be exhibiting some of the Buddha Bombs plus my Hebel Tentacles in a group show at Love Love in a couple of weeks which is looking like it might be a big night out.

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  1. They say the secret to success is: Fail Early, Fail Often.