Sunday, April 7, 2013

Set Me Free by Jennifer Collin

front cover

full jacket

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My friend Jen has written a book and I was thrilled when she asked if I would like to have a crack at illustrating a cover for her. It's a modern love story set right here in Brisbane, Australia;
Disastrous love life aside, Charlotte Evans is rather content with her life. Her quaint little art gallery is plodding along nicely and her sister Emily’s artistic career is about to take off, thanks to her tireless promotion. She even gets to see her best friend every day and drink his delicious coffee in the caf√© next door. 
But when dastardly property developer Craig Carmichael comes along, threatening to demolish her gallery and take everything away, Charlotte has an unexpected fight on her hands. Not only is she battling to stop Craig’s development, she’s also struggling against the mysterious magnetic pull that has her on a collision course with Craig himself.
Craig Carmichael is fighting the Battle for Boundary Street on more than one front. The tenants of the building he wants to knock down are mounting a strong case against him and in a hot-headed moment he put his career on the line for a project that is threatening to fail. If the project doesn't succeed he will loose everything, but for some reason he’s having trouble maintaining his focus.
As their worlds begin to unravel around them, anyone could win. It’s what they might lose that has Charlotte and Craig wondering what it is they really want.

Still have to format these for correct cover dimensions, postcards and business cards but I'm well pleased with how its come out. Follow the books progress up to it's imminent launch at Set Me free on Facebook


  1. Pass on my congratulations to Jen (I used to work with her, but haven't seen her in years)! It looks great, I'll have to buy a copy :D

  2. Thanks Kellie,
    I'll certainly pass on your regards. And if you're on facebook, why not follow the book there.