Saturday, April 20, 2013

A morning in the park

For years now I've been taking the kids to the park and spending most of my time there just watching them run and swing and fall down and get dirty and generally worrying about not letting them out of my sight for more than a split second. As they've gotten older I've started being less worried and more bored. So if i can remember, I try to take my sketch book and sketch people in the park. It's fucking hard! No one stays still for more than a moment. Pick anyone, they don't seem to move for ages until you start to draw them and then instantly, they adjust their posture, look another way or just get up and walk away. It's brutal! You watch them remain motionless, then just as you put pencil to paper, off they go! It's some kind of quantum physics mind bender like Schrodingers cat, sketch subjects remain indeterminate until observed, at which point they become a blur of motion.

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