Saturday, March 9, 2013

Buddha Bomb Production Line

The first plaster casts of the stone carved Buddha Bomb are out of the mould. My craptacular craftsmanship means these aren't the perfect replicas I was hoping for, but a little sanding and a coat of shiny paint should get them across the line.
My lack of mould making skill is evidenced firstly by a failure to guess how much silicone I would actually need. It's expensive and I was hoping to get away cheaply but of course I came up short.

So I had to form up for a second pour, which I nearly muffed, it only just covers the top.

When the Pinkysil cured, I made plaster jackets to restrain the ends of the silicone mould. I'm calling this assembly the Buddha Burger! (see last picture)
There were reasons why I didn't do this the conventional way, coating the sculpture in clay, casting the jackets, removing the clay and filling the void with silicone, but on reflection, that was probably just dumb. I'll make a bunch of these plaster casts and paint them and if I feel motivated, I might have another go at making the mould properly.

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