Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paper Fish

This week I used the latest plaster moulds form the Ghost Fish to cast new sides from pulped paper mache. It's based on a technique I found in book on paper making which I picked up a few years ago at a Lifeline book sale. Ripped squares of paper (canson editions printmaking paper I had lying around) soaked for a few days in a bucket then liquidised in the blender. Mix that with wallpaper glue, pack it in the moulds and voila, paper fish! That was the plan anyway.

After three days they'd begun to smell like wet dog and still weren't dry. I panicked and tried to coax them out but it wasn't happening and looking back, that's pretty much the moment I f#@$!d it up. Another three days left out in baking sunshine and they came away from the mould quite easily. The one I tried hardest to extricate early is all bent out of shape and cracked. And the shellac still came away with the cast sides despite three coats of J-WAX, the first a day in advance. I've sanded them back to a sensuous brushed cotton finish and maybe I can do something with the better of the two sides. Not sure what just yet.

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