Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Boy Art

Got the urge to make a drawing of something with guns. What my drawing tutor would have called Boy Art. The comic reading little boy inside needs to get out every now and again! I've decided that the Tortoise stands for "Wrong Thinking" which is the theme for my earlier Tortoise drawing "Misplaced Sympathy" which is hanging at the Art & Design Precinct for four weeks opening tonight. And wrong thinking seems an apt label for strapping big guns to the back of a tortoise.

I got an email today from Agora Gallery in New York inviting me to submit a portfolio for review with the hope of being selected for representation. Logistical problems associated with exhibiting in New York aside, the representation fee they're asking is a little out of my budget right now. And even though I know they're spruiking for business, you'd have to think they wouldn't ask just anybody! So I'm taking it as a compliment and a vote of confidence.

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