Sunday, December 23, 2012

Painting Big

It's been a few months since I last held a paint brush and that's probably too long so I have begun something new, based on something old. This will be the largest painting I have made to date and strangely enough I am feeling a whole lot more comfortable about it than I have at the beginning of any other painting I have ever made. Big is good.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Boy Art

Got the urge to make a drawing of something with guns. What my drawing tutor would have called Boy Art. The comic reading little boy inside needs to get out every now and again! I've decided that the Tortoise stands for "Wrong Thinking" which is the theme for my earlier Tortoise drawing "Misplaced Sympathy" which is hanging at the Art & Design Precinct for four weeks opening tonight. And wrong thinking seems an apt label for strapping big guns to the back of a tortoise.

I got an email today from Agora Gallery in New York inviting me to submit a portfolio for review with the hope of being selected for representation. Logistical problems associated with exhibiting in New York aside, the representation fee they're asking is a little out of my budget right now. And even though I know they're spruiking for business, you'd have to think they wouldn't ask just anybody! So I'm taking it as a compliment and a vote of confidence.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

NWO Group Show - Art and Design Precinct

Three of my drawings will be hanging in the "New World Order" Group Show at the Art and Design Precinct, West End, opening Wednesday this week 12/12/2012.
Other Artists represented; Michelle Bowden, Ben Eckersley, Kris-Ann Ehrich, Tamara Haddon, Jane Higgins' Emily-Rose Hyde-Page, GaZ, Marnie Lee, Anton Marschke, Jaquii Nelles, Samantha Penberthy, Sam Randall, Vivienne Searle, Lin Stanton, Cherie Strong, Darren Trebilco.

$10.00 at the door for opening night includes complimentary drink, live music and nibbles.

The Art and Design Precinct is a fairly new venture by artist Michelle Bowden and Interior Designer Grant Hiscock and I wish them the best of success with it. Hopefully this is an opportunity to get out and meet some interesting folks working hard to make their goals a reality.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

BIA 2012 End of Second Semester Exhibition

Set up just about complete for the end of semester exhibition tomorrow night at the BIA. Sculpture with lights will be shown in the Audio Visual Room this year which is small and dark and usually closed during exhibitions. Apart from that it also doubles as a store room for stacked chairs, unused display cabinets, extension leads, the photocopier, old electrical equipment and busted computers. I spent most of last night stacking junk against the back wall, partitioned off with a pair of large book shelves.

But now the space looks pretty respectable and the Ghost Fish is sharing it with only two other pieces. Uncluttered and very exclusive and for that I'm feeling grateful.

The BIA team generally post photo's on their facebook page if you're keen to follow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paper Fish

This week I used the latest plaster moulds form the Ghost Fish to cast new sides from pulped paper mache. It's based on a technique I found in book on paper making which I picked up a few years ago at a Lifeline book sale. Ripped squares of paper (canson editions printmaking paper I had lying around) soaked for a few days in a bucket then liquidised in the blender. Mix that with wallpaper glue, pack it in the moulds and voila, paper fish! That was the plan anyway.

After three days they'd begun to smell like wet dog and still weren't dry. I panicked and tried to coax them out but it wasn't happening and looking back, that's pretty much the moment I f#@$!d it up. Another three days left out in baking sunshine and they came away from the mould quite easily. The one I tried hardest to extricate early is all bent out of shape and cracked. And the shellac still came away with the cast sides despite three coats of J-WAX, the first a day in advance. I've sanded them back to a sensuous brushed cotton finish and maybe I can do something with the better of the two sides. Not sure what just yet.