Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tentacles 3 and 4

Hebel Tentacles 3 and 4 are just about finished, to go along with 1 and 2. Need to decide if there's going to be a 5, 6 and even 8. But there are plenty of other thing to be getting on with for the moment. Squid in a box got it's glaze coat, very shiny and pink. Still looking at options of filling the gap to account for the clay shrinkage. There's a trap for young players!


  1. It's a family! Looking good bro. Can you line the squid box with some 1 ply (or some thin-ish) timber sheets to fill the gap? Not sure how it'd look along the exposed top edge but it'd keep you from having to introduce another material (faux seaweed etc).

  2. I've been thinking about polystyrene, so it looks like an esky! Thro-a-few-cans-in-eh-wiv-im-ay.