Monday, October 29, 2012

Garden Tuna - Cracked the Mould

As you can see, the moulds haven't survived intact. I left the shellac to dry overnight, maybe it needed a week. My resin mixing was poor and perhaps more than one coat of release agent would have been a good idea. So the only way to get the sides out involved brute force. And I've put a couple of crack's in the perpex chassis with my sloppy manufacturing.

But it's looking HOT! I love the naked fibreglass, its organic! The plan is to make new moulds from the cast sides. I'll attach the fins after that. 

Steam rolling shambolically ahead!


  1. Destruction! Good busting up bro! The odds were stacked against you though. I'm guessing molding fibreglass is a bit of a black art but you're a persistent dude so I'm sure you'll nut it out.

  2. Whad'ya mean! I thought those suckers would just pop out neat and slick. Made new moulds on wednesday night but this time I'm thinking paper mache. That fibreglass is itchy stuff.