Monday, October 29, 2012

Garden Tuna - Cracked the Mould

As you can see, the moulds haven't survived intact. I left the shellac to dry overnight, maybe it needed a week. My resin mixing was poor and perhaps more than one coat of release agent would have been a good idea. So the only way to get the sides out involved brute force. And I've put a couple of crack's in the perpex chassis with my sloppy manufacturing.

But it's looking HOT! I love the naked fibreglass, its organic! The plan is to make new moulds from the cast sides. I'll attach the fins after that. 

Steam rolling shambolically ahead!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Garden Tuna - Next Steps

I've made some progress with my fish sculpture over the last couple of weeks. With the two moulds cleaned, sanded, patched, sanded, patched, sanded and sealed, I made a rubbing of the outline and scanned it into the computer; time for a little virtual sculpting. I designed a central support bracket and fashioned it from galvanised tin. The templates for the fins were glued directly to the prespex sheets and hand cut with a router. The four lateral brackets were heated in the oven (when my wife was out) and bent down 90 degrees. Later they will get adhered to the sides with silicone along with the fins. Today I laid in fibreglass to the two sides. 
Way out of my depth here, worried that my first resin mix was light on for hardener, I overcompensated on the next mix (Probably ten years since I last touched fibre glass and that was a pre-measured kit) . The resin turned to jelly before I could finish laying in the last layer of fibre. It looks OK but I'm definitely worried I will destroy the plaster moulds trying to get the sides out.

Fingers Crossed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

The day job is getting very busy so the art has to take a back seat for the next few weeks. There are still things going on though. Not satisfied with my Tuna drawing, I've been scratching away, adding depth and contrast. Probably not finished yet either.

I sketched up this idea for a whole mess of tentacles, thinking I might do it with the dip pen, but I'm kind of over that just now. Maybe a painting, grisaille, in oils.

And of course it's all about the sculpture, which is still happening too. Tentacle 3 is on the sandbag. Nearby landscape supplies place sells those same Hebel Blocks for half the price of the art store.