Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Squid in a box - trial assembly

These are the bits for the squid in a box sculpture. The black box slides inside the plywood crate and the clay squid sits on top of that. The clay has shrunk quite a bit so I may need to make something to go around the outside to fill the gap. We're thinking of fake resin ice cubes. Clay is dry enough so first firing next week.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Squid in a Box - Painting

I felt inspired to make a painting of my sculpture of the same name which is coming along nicely. The Clay squid is air drying, the inner plywood base and outer plywood crate are assembled. Waiting now on a bisque and glaze firing and I'll put the whole thing together. I left it at school this week so more photo's in a few days.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tentacle Maquette


This week I've been working on a clay tentacle. It's meant to be a maquette for a larger hebel carving I'm starting next week, except I didn't measure the hebel blocks which are at BIA before I started this piece which is at home so the carving will be different and therefore this isn't really a maquette, is it. Whatever. I am learning a bit about sculpture, techniques and terminology though!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuna School

I'm about finished this drawing of Tuna except for perhaps fuzzing over a few edges and darkening some spots. I was going to take the background somewhere darker too but I like the way this simple crosshatch has developed. It carries enough tonal variety to imply something more than a flat surface yet is abstracted through the uniformity of the pattern.

Apart from that, I've had enough of those troublesome dip pens for a while!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Suiboku-ga windy day and cartoons

My short course in Suiboku-ga at the Budo Kai Kan is now over. There was more Bamboo, windy Day this time and some straight drawing. Yumiko brought in a photocopy of a 600 year old Japanese cartoon for us to copy. Great practice for linework. It being my last day, I spent a little time at the end just having fun and sketching the the objects on the table and my classmates on the other side of the table. The skill of drawing with a brush would take some practice but the speed and quality of the lines is wonderful.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sculpture 1 - Squid in a Box

Another busy week, and while nothing's getting finished, things are definitely progressing. These are some images of my first real sculpture project. It's titled Squid in a box and is based on one of my lino's from last year of the same title. It's a little complicated and involves a cambered plywood cube inside a wooden crate with this relief sculpture of a squid spilling out. There's a wait now as clay dries, is fired then glazed. Will post more as it nears completion.

Last Friday was the announcement of the Marie Ellis Prize at Jugglers Art space and congratulations must go to Peter Kozak for his drawing "Absorb". A really well deserved win.

Saturday Night was the bi-annual costume dinner dance at out daughters school. A fundraising event involving a lot of booze and 300 grown ups in fancy dress let out for the night without their kids. Even Campbell Newman the State Premier was there, though by all accounts he doesn't much care for the arts so we'll leave that there. I donated a framed print of one of my water tower lino's for the silent auction which went for a good price so I'm really thrilled about that.
Saturday was also my last Suibokuga class at the Budo Kai Kan. I'll post images of that work later.

I'm also working on this pen and ink drawing of a school of tuna. It's taking forever.

Clicked on BNEART tonight and saw one of my drawings with a link to my website under the title FEATURE ARTIST. What a totally surreal moment!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best New Talent - Short and Sweet

Short + Sweet Theatre are holding their third Brisbane theatre festival and as Karl, at short notice mentioned, the BIA Sculpture students have once again offered to make trophies to be handed out at the events Gala Finale.  I was tasked with making the trophy for Best New Talent and the first idea that popped into my head was an egg. Given the sort time frame I decided to run with it. This one is made from 3mm plywood I had lying around, some scraps of pine and bits of old wall studs I ripped out when we renovated the kitchen. The kids helped paint on the varnish.

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