Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fish Prints - testing new lino cuts

My filing system is telling me I haven't made lino prints since January. It's kind of not surprising since after starting so well, my last effort just went all wrong. Days and days of work without getting any really good prints.
This time I have decided to keep it simple. I have cut 9 of theses 10cm squares and made a rig to sit them in which keeps them an inch apart and the idea is to make a bunch of prints but move the squares around each time so each printed image is different. Perhaps with one or two odd colours thrown into the mix.
Funnily enough it's started raining again in the last few days, which is exactly what happened the last time I tried to make prints and the humidity seems to affect these water based inks, they go too runny and I can't get a good print. Will have to wait till the weather dries out again.

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