Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drawing in 2point5D

I've been experimenting this week with drawing and painting  on clear acetate. It's really like cell animation which I have no experience of at all so I'm probably reinventing the wheel a bit here except the idea is by using these little wooden frames I made, I'm introducing an element of physical depth.

I painted the squid with oil paint, which of never used before. Four days later and it's still not dry. A little net research and it turns out recent 'old style' animators used acrylics anyway so the tyres are painted with reeves acrylics and that worked just fine.

The acetate is clear film for overhead projectors. Turns out is has some kind of goo painted on the back of it. Not sure why, must be something to do with laser printers. Anyway, it's water soluble which I only found out when I tried to fix my tyres. What a mess.

Still some issues to resolve with this process but there's something about it that I like.

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  1. Cool. You can't really mess with that slick perfect edge of paint on plastic, huh. You've got a bright future in the dying art of hand painting animation cells for cartoons ; ) It almost needs a water layer on top of the squid to give them the underwater look. It looks rad how it gets darker as you 'deeper' into the water.